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If you’re looking for options other than glasses to improve your vision, contact lenses may be the answer. At Outlook Eye & Laser Center in Sugar Land, Texas, Dr. Dip Jadav offers a variety of contact lens options to suit your needs. He provides a comprehensive eye exam to determine which type of contact is right for you. Whether you have astigmatism or dry eye syndrome, Dr. Jadav can fit you with a compatible contact lens you’ll feel comfortable wearing. To learn more about available brands of contacts, schedule an appointment online or by calling the office.

Contact Lenses Q & A

Who can wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses are available in a variety of options to fit your prescription strength. They can correct your vision whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism and can help you achieve clearer, crisper vision.

Children as young as 8 years old can wear contacts, provided they are responsible enough to handle the daily hygiene needed to keep the lenses in good condition.

What kinds of contact lenses are available?

Dr. Jadav offers several types of contacts, such as soft contacts, hard contacts, and gas permeable lenses. Soft lenses are also available in a variety of styles, including daily wear, extended wear, and disposable.

Dr. Jadav performs a thorough contact lens examination and fitting to determine which type of lens is right for you. The contact lens examination is more comprehensive than a typical eye exam, as Dr. Jadav takes additional measurements of your eyes and evaluates the health of your cornea before recommending contacts.

What are gas permeable lenses?

Gas permeable contact lenses may be the right choice if you suffer from astigmatism. Gas permeable lenses can help change the shape of your cornea to give you clearer vision.

The lenses are made of a durable, flexible plastic material that allows oxygen to flow to your eye. They float on a layer of tears over your cornea. Gas permeable lenses must be removed daily and cleaned properly but can last for years.

In addition to providing benefits for those with astigmatism, gas permeable lenses can also treat presbyopia, a loss of near vision associated with aging. The lenses are available in bifocal and multifocal prescriptions.

Are contact lenses hard to care for?

Both soft and gas permeable lenses are easy to clean and maintain. You need to disinfect soft lenses daily using a soft lens saline solution. There are also enzymatic cleaners that can remove protein buildup on your lenses to make them more clear and comfortable. If you wear disposable lenses, you still need to clean them daily and replace them as often as Dr. Jadav recommends.

Gas permeable lenses are also easy to maintain. A special cleaning agent is available to remove protein deposits, and you need to store contacts in a special saline solution when not in use. You should also remove lenses before sleeping to prevent infection.

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